Final of the Vision-Ing21 contest 2022/23 held at CBI

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Photographer: Erich Malter, Rights: Förderkreis Ingenieurstudium e.V.

At the closing event of the Vision-Ing21, a competition for scientifically inclined pupils, organized by the Förderkreis Ingenieurstudium e.V., five teams were honored on July 4 th, 2023, for their projects developed in collaboration with local companies. The high professional level of the projects impressed Prof. Tanja Franken, Prof. Marco Haumann and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wensing, who actively supported the contest.

The final day was a challenging one, as a demanding programme awaited the finalists: In the morning, the teams gave presentations on their projects in the lecture hall in front of a large audience.  In the afternoon, a 15-minute jury discussion took place at the exhibition stands, which were designed by the pupils themselves. While the jury members Prof. Dr. Tanja Franken, Thomas Holstein, and Dr. Jochen Kaiser withdrew for deliberation, Prof. Dr. Marco Haumann gave an interactive lecture on hydrogen technologies from Erlangen. Later in the afternoon, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Wensing announced the jury’s decision.

The winning teams at a glance

The first place, awarded with 500 euros, was given to the team of the Ignaz-Taschner-Gymnasium Dachau for their apparatus demonstrating the principle of independent motion (also known as the “Affenschuss” experiment). For this experiment, the students constructed a launching device and a triggering mechanism to shoot a rubber ball at a falling target.

The team of the Illertal-Gymnasium Vöhringen won second place with their model of a magnetic levitation train. The team impressed in the categories of “Exhibition Design” and “Jury Interview”, earning them the Wanderpokal der IHK Nürnberg für Mittelfranken. The pupils were also awarded with the Newcomer Prize, recognizing them as the best new team.

The team from Max-Grunding School Fürth secured third place with their “Heiße Kiste”, a cooking box equipped with a microcontroller. As the best team in the categories “Presentation” and “Documentation” the students received the Nachwuchspreis des VDE Bayern, which comes with a project-linked cheque for 500 euros.

Fourth place was shared between the teams of the Nikolaus-Kopernikus-Gymnasium Weißenhorn and the Schiller-Gymnasiums Hof. The inventors of the first school developed and built a solar-powered E-Bike charging station. The second team with its think tank, an innovative learning landscape by pupils for pupils on future technologies, was also pleased to receive the VDI Innovation Award. This team is allowed to present their think tank to an international public at a stand during the iENA (International Trade Fair for Ideas, Inventions, and New Products).

About Vision-Ing21

The team competition Vision-Ing21 is an initiative of the Förderkreis Ingenieurstudium e.V., which exists since the school year 2003/04. It is aimed at both schools and companies. In this competition, pupils work on individually chosen topics from the field of natural sciences and technology. To create and document their projects, the teams collaborate with their teachers and a company from their region. The competition’s primary goal is to promote interest in natural sciences and technology and encourage students to consider pursuing an engineering degree. This will ensure the next generation of scientists in Germany as a center of technology.


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