Industrial Internship

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The internship office CBI is responsible for the following degree programs:

  • Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Life Science Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering – Sustainable Chemical Technologies
  • Clean Energy Processes – CEP students please refer to the information on the CEP website!



For the recognition of an industrial internship, the following documents and information must be submitted to the Internship Office (by e-mail:

  • Internship certificate with the name of the intern, the duration of the internship and a short but meaningful description of the activities completed
  • Self-reflection questionnaire (in addition to internship certificate) – see template
  • matriculation number
  • degree program

New: From 01.04.2024, the documents and information must be submitted to the Internship Office via the online tool Internship Office Online:
Go to Internship Office Online



Internship office

Study Service Centre

Immerwahrstr. 2a

91058 Erlangen

Consultation hours by appointment


Internship guidelines (Richtlinien)

Please refer to the internship guidelines (in German) here.

The leave of absence during the industrial internship or during a semester abroad is regulated university-wide: Guidelines for leave of absence.

The application for leave of absence must be submitted to the student records office by the beginning of the lecture period.

A leave of absence is not possible in the first semester and because of an internship only once per study program (i.e. once in the Bachelor and once in the Master).

Please also note the information on the impact of the introduction of a minimum wage on student internships (in German).

Internship placements

You can decide for yourself where you would like to do an internship.
As a rule of thumb, it should be in a company where you could also work as a graduate.

To help you, there are folders available in the Internship Office in Immerwahrstr. 2a, in which internship references from other students are collected. Here you can see which companies might be suitable.

Possible companies can also be found in this overview of possible companies (correct addresses not guaranteed).

Furthermore, the alumni network offers a job exchange board for the Faculty of Engineering with vacant internship positions, among others.

Internship abroad

You can also complete an internship abroad. Our internship guidelines (German)  apply for the recognition of the internship. For the CEP internship guidelines please see the corresponding CEP website.

Internship search and/or possible scholarships: