Research networks and collaborations

External partners

The research of the department CBI is characterized by the breadth and scope of the research areas, far-reaching national and international contacts as well as a third-party funding income that is in the top position in a national comparison. The Department CBI maintains not only an extensive network of partners from both science and business but has been actively involved in the initiation, development and activities of a number of institutes, networks and interdisciplinary research centres. Thus, the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering is a partner well equipped for co-operations tailored to the specific needs of our partners and our common objectives.

The following is just a selection of our partnerships:


Partners within FAU

The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering has close ties to various partners within FAU doing joint interdisciplinary research, projects and teaching thus ensuring a continuous exchange of ideas, knowledge and innovation made @FAU which also reflects into the quality of teaching in our degree programs. A number of these partners are listed below: