Leave of absence

You can take a leave of absence from your studies, f.ex. because of a semester abroad as an exchange student or an industrial internship (or also because of illness, pregnancy, taking care of a close relative…). The application must be submitted to the Student Records Office of FAU, see Application for Leave of Absence and Guidelines for Leave of Absence: Website of the Student Records Office. For international students: Please check with the Foreigner’s Office which rules apply in your case and if a leave of absence can be taken!

The application should normally be submitted by the beginning of the lecture period. Retroactive leave of absence for semesters already completed (or after the lecture period) is not possible.

A leave of absence in the 1st semester with the purpose of an industrial internship or a stay abroad is not possible. For more information, see the guidelines for leave of absence from studies on the website of the student records office.

Important for exam planning: during the leave of absence, no first exams can be taken, only repeat exams. Repeat exams (second and third attempt) must even be taken! In this case it is advisable to consult the examination office. The staff member of the examination office can deregister you from the repeat examination.