GOP – Grundlagen und Orientierungsprüfung

The Grundlagen und Orientierungsprüfung (GOP) consists of 6 (CEP: 7) module examinations amounting to 40 (Energy Technology: 42.5) ECTS credits.
The GOP is passed if 30 of them have been acquired.
The examinations of the GOP may be repeated only once in case of failure (other examinations may be repeated twice).
The GOP must be taken in the first two semesters (at the latest in the third).

Please see the German FAQs for the GOPs of the degree programs CBI, CEN, ET and LSE.

The GOP in the bachelor’s degree program CEP includes the following modules: Mathematics I and II, Foundations of Chemical reaction engineering, Physics I, Renewable Energies, Interface Engineering and Particle Technology and Electrochemistry. These modules amout to a total of 40 ECTS of which you must have accumulated 30 ECTS points in the first 2 to max 3 semesters. Once you have passed the GOP, you can repeat the other exams twice.