Industrial internship CBI, CEN, LSE

In the Master’s degree programs CBI, CEN, LSE an industrial (mandatory) internship of at least 12 weeks must be completed. The internship is to be carried out in an industrial company according to the guidelines, see: Industrial internship CBI/CEN/LSE.

Please note that the “mandatory” period is only 12 weeks. From the 13th week onwards, a voluntary internship begins for you. Please note the information about the minimum wage: Industrial Internship CBI/CEN/LSE (available in German only).

The internship office can issue a document stating that the internship is mandatory if this is desired by the company. However, we ask you to kindly refer to Annex 2 of the Degree Program and Examination Regulations of the respective degree program first, since the industrial internship is included in the curriculum as a compulsory module: Degree program and Examination Regulations/Faculty of Engineering.

For the recognition of the industrial internship of CBI, CEN, LSE, an internship certificate (not a report!) has to be handed in to the internship office via email: