What is the Department CBI about?

If you are wondering what the department is about and why chemical and biological engineering is an integral part of our every day life, you are on the right track here.

Some of the most-pressing questions of our timeare being worked on here at the department like how energy safetly and availability can be ensured and how energy can be used and stored from sustainable sources, how vaccines can be prepared securely and rapily, or food supply and safety and how


The answer to the question what is researched at the department can be found under research or by lo

What research do the scientists there do? And what exactly can you study there?



The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering (CBI) is one of the six departments of Faculty of Engineering of FAU.

The two foundational pillars of the department are chemistry and biology, both of which are present everywhere in our everyday lives. They form the basis for future-oriented topics in chemical technology, biotechnology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, production processes, nutrition or energy and energy supply.

The demand for better, more efficient products, more safety, more protection of health and the environment is growing not only on the part of companies and politics, but also on the part of consumers. In order to keep pace with international competition new technologies and experts who can incorporate those findings into internal production and development processes are required. The neccessary knowlege is researched, developped and taught at the department CBI.

Videos on exciting projects and research areas

  • Modern Energy technologies: sustainable processes and green fuels
  • Power-to-X-technology: How Co2 can be used to close carbon cycles and at the same time obtain chemical energy storage from it.
  • Energy systems of the future.
  • What is catalysis
  • Also intersting: The hydrogen fuel cell promises a climate-friendly solution in the field of mobility.
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Degree programme videos (in German)

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Find out how we perceive and tackle sustainability at the department.


Erlangen and Nürnberg

FAU is located at the core of the European Metropolitan Region of Nuremberg, one of Germany’s most dynamic economic areas with over 3,5 million inhabitants. As a powerhouse for innovation, the university contributes to identifying and addressing technological, social and cultural challenges.

Both Erlangen with its approximately 100,000 inhabitants and Nuremberg with half a million inhabitants have their own charm and offer ample opportunities for sports, cultural and leisure-time activities. Especially in Erlangen, students and young researchers from all over the world as well as employees of globally operating companies create a vibrant, international atmosphere. The region’s lively cultural scene and events such as the famous Erlangen beer festival (“Bergkirchweih”), the Nuremberg Christmas Market (“Christkindlesmarkt”) and FAU’s “Schlossgartenfest” attract visitors from near and far. In Nuremberg the historic city centre is a major tourist attraction. Nature lovers will find Franconian Switzerland – a paradise for climbing, mountainbiking and rambling – just a stone’s throw away. FAU graduates profit from the Metropolitan Region’s perfect professional and academic career opportunities. Among FAU’s co-operation partners are global companies such as Siemens, Audi and Adidas. In addition, numerous medium-sized companies offer a great variety of job opportunities, for instance in health technology.