Synthesis of Porous Materials


Our research interests focus on the synthesis, characterisation and application of porous materials such as zeolites, mesoporous silicas and carbons and metal organic frameworks (MOF) in separation and heterogeneous catalysis. We are active in the synthesis and testing of hierarchical zeolites as well as the preparation of mesoporous silicas as support for (bio-) catalysts. In heterogeneous catalysis, mainly reaction with industrial relevance including acid-catalyzed alkylations as well as isomerization and cracking reactions over bifunctional catalysts and redox reactions for environmental protection (NH3-SCR) are studied.

Recent activities also include the gas phase separation of olefins and paraffins, hydrogen storage by cryogenic adsorption or metal hydrogen encapsulation and heat storage. Another aspect of our research is focused on the immobilisation of enzymes on mesoporous supports for application in biocatalysis as well as the controlled release of poorly water-soluble drugs.


In order to achieve the goals we design, tailor and synthetize adsorbents and catalysts with high surface are for their specific application. In order to create a knowledge driven materials development we resolve structure-property relations by combining synthesis and testing with extensive ex, in situ and operando characterization mainly using solid-state NMR and ESR spectroscopy. Our material and process developments is accompanied by life cycle assessment (LCA).